Fel-Tec Pro Dust Masks

Fel-Tec Pro Dust Masks

GST Included

Fel-Tec Pro dust mask respirator + Filter + 1 spare replacement filters for Pollution / Pollen Allergy / Woodworking / Mowing / Running | Washable and Reusable Neoprene Half Face Mask

This is not a medical mask due to having exhaust one-way valves

LOW BREATHING RESISTANCE - Dual one-way discharge valves and mesh material design for effortless breathing. The mask makes the air resistance smaller without sacrificing filtration. They are especially great while wearing glasses as they don't fog either.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - The dust face mask filters out exhaust, dust, particles, pollen. It is suitable for people with pollen allergy woodworking painting mowing running cycling hiking and other outdoor activities.

REPLACEMENT FILTER- Replacement filters for your mask are available in 3 packs.

The N95 Filters is specially engineered to provide you the maximum amount of filtration effective down to 1.0 microns going through this filter. This means that you’ll be worry-free next time dust and other contaminants are around you.

Multi-Layered Protection every mask includes  PM2.5 Filters that give even further protection against dangerous pollutants and contaminants found in the air.

This mask was created so you have a comfortable wearing expreience. The ear hooks & head band have been designed to greatly help the mask to stay firm with your face without creating pressure and breathable air valves & replaceable filter provide high protective performance and a excellent wearing experience.  The more you wear this mask the better it will fit. We recommend for quick / easy fitting just wash in warm water without inside filter and valves then spin dry and reinstall filter and valves wear to its fully dry.