Filter/Regulator Unit for your Ultra-High-Speed Precision Handpiece

Filter/Regulator Unit for your Ultra-High-Speed Precision Handpiece

GST Included

About the Filter/Regulator Unit

A good Filter/Regulator is essential when using air tools. Its function is to regulate the air pressure and remove and moisture or debris from the air before it is delivered to your T-UHSP 1.6 Ultra-High-Speed Precision Handpiece. Most compressors put out over 100psi, so the regulator makes sure this pressure is reduced to 20 - 150psi before reaching your handpiece. The bowl on our filter/regulator is a drain bowl. This means it will gather the moisture from the air (all compressors produce moisture when they compress air) and contain it inside the clear bowl. To drain the water from the bowl, simple disconnect the air supply / compressor hose from the filter/regulator and release moisture from filter/regulator by gently pushing up on metal valve at the base of the clear chamber.

The metal wall mount bracket that comes with the regulator is perfect for mounting the regulator to any wall or vertical surface. We only recommend using the two-way toggle valve if you are using a tank type compressor.



1 x  Filter/Regulator Unit with wall bracket

1 x Black flexi hose with quick connect