Nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer Hi-build 500mls

Nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer Hi-build 500mls

GST Included

Nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer Hi-build 

Note: because we buy in and decant off this  product the container  may come un-branded  

Multi purpose sanding sealer

Sanding sealer 1 litre $30.00

Sanding Sealer 4 litre $110.00 Post Quoted

Use Thinners LT1 (spray thinners)

To seal timber thin by up to 50%.

Then sand with the same grit you used before applying the sealer.

Apply a 2nd coat and sand through the grits.

Lacquer or wax can then be applied as the finish.

Ideal to lock up that end grain on wooden bowls and craft items so that oils dont darken the end grain .

4l Litre Freight will be quoted  please email us