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Handmade New Zealand Salt & Pepper Grinders Mills

Meet David Gillard, a skilled wood artist at Wood Grain NZ in New Zealand. He passionately crafts stunning, one-of-a-kind art pieces, specializing in creating exquisite salt and pepper grinders from carefully sourced timber across New Zealand. What sets his work apart is his artistic touch, transforming these grinders into captivating conversation starters at your dining table.

David exclusively utilizes the reliable CrushGrind mechanism, backed by a 25-year warranty, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality endure. If you're seeking top-notch, handmade wooden art for your home, David Gillard's creations are a must-consider.

Each grinder is sold separately, allowing you to curate your unique set or opt for a standalone pepper mill—a striking addition to any dining setting. David releases only a limited number of these extraordinary pepper mills each year.

Explore our gallery below to see David's previous masterpieces, and feel free to reach out if something catches your eye. David can recreate a similar masterpiece tailored to your preferences.

Pepper Mills that David has made for customers in the past and feel free to contact us if there's something you like as David can recreate something with a similar feel and look. 

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