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Munro Wood Turning Hollwing Tools

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I first heard of Rolly Munro and his range of tools after meeting a now good friend/master woodturning artist Robbie Graham a few years ago at his workshop/studio Wildwood gallery where he introduced me to the Munro Wundercutt10 Hollowing articulating tool. Right off the bat I know I had to have one. I started researching his tools and the reviews from across the globe were unanimous in that these were some of the best, if not the best, wood turning and hollowing tools on the market. To be fair, these are not inexpensive tools, but the performance outweighs the cost. Soon I understood why turners rated the Munro tools as some the best tools ever designed. The precision workmanship and quality a couple of days later I had my own. It did everything it said it would and more....

Shortly after this I got his Mini 6 range and was so impressed with the quality. I called Rolly up and ask him If I could start marketing and selling throughout New Zealand as I wanted to stand behind such wonderful range of products and now we are.

These tools sell themselves in performance and you will not regret purchasing one of these beauties yourself if you have any questions regarding the Munro range of tools contact me happy to help.

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