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70mm Wood  Grain NZ Sanding Mandrels

70mm Wood Grain NZ Sanding Mandrels

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New Zealand Artist David J Gillard from Wood Grain NZ Woodturning will only uses these Mandrels these are the best on the market in his opinion and are made from the best available materials so that it resists heat.  This means the hook and loop stays on one of David's 70mm Mandrels have been hard at work in a commercial application for over 5 years now.


(1) It has a heavy-duty  shank so it won't slip in the drill

(2) It has the right combination of flexibility and toughness.

(3) Tapered sides make it more flexible and enables it to be used in areas like undercut rims of bowls.

4) They are manufactured for woodturner.


Instructions for Use:To sand a bowl, install the POWER SANDING PAD in an electric drill and attach abrasive disc. Set the lathe speed to approximately 500RPM. Set drill speed to 1000-1200 RPM. Sand using mediun to light pressure allowing the abrasive to cut. Use a coarse grit (60-120) to remove all tool marks then progress through finer grits until the desired finish is achieved.An extremely handy addition to any turner's armoury, our mandrels are made with high grade materials and High technology Velcro which has 2 times the griping power of conventional hook and loop.

All materials use that are heat resistant so extending the life of your Mandrel.

Through trial and era and many hours spent at the lathe sanding I have found these now out last many of the oppositions systems.


My tips  & recommendations on sanding.

It is however important to work through the grits, an increase of no more than  40% in grit size between sanding is recommended.

60 80 120 180 240 or260 320 400 and hand sand 600 and above.


Other uses : sanding sculptural carvings, models, cars , boat  repairs and manufacturing home decorating.      


Available in : 

50mm $ 17.00

70mm $ 25.00 



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