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Crushgrind 470mm Ceramic Pepper Mill

Crushgrind 470mm Ceramic Pepper Mill

$34.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
GST Included

Crushgrind 470 is the original ceramic mechanism which has a unique ratchet mechanism. This enbles you to adjust the grind from coarse to fine easily.

The Crushgrind  mechanism is easy to clean and will keep its setting.
Crushgrind  mills can be made from 120mm to 500mm or longer depending on your design.
Crushgrind  has passed a test that equals to 200 years of usage in a normal household.
Crushgrind  has a 25 year warranty on the ceramic parts.
The heart of the Crushgrind  is "green" as the ceramic grinder stone and cone is made entirely of natural materials.

The Crushgrind 470 mechanism can be used for Pepper, Salt, Herbs and Spices. Because ceramic does not corrode salt can be premixed with herbs and spices and milled together through the same grinder. You can even create your own blend.

The Crushgrind 470 is manufactured for traditional mills. The one exception to this design characteriastic come as a result off the bottom mounted locking grind adjustment knob. Because of this feature a metal adjustment knob at the top of the mill is not required.

This gives the craftperson freedom to create new and innovative designs.

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