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Large Spray Gun 1.4mm Tip 600mls

Large Spray Gun 1.4mm Tip 600mls

GST Included

1.4mm HVLP Automotive Refinish Spray Gun

This spray gun is an excellent entry level spray gun for everyone looking for a good quality finish but isn't looking for a workshop-grade spray gun.

This spray gun provides a very nice finish with either basecoat (1K's) or 2K products with great atomisation.

Precisely machined air cap provides users with a consistent spray pattern

Includes an ARO End Fitting to connect to your air hose as well (as long as you run ARO couplers otherwise you may need a Nitto End fitting).

Nozzle Size: 1.4mm - ideal for 1K, 2K - basecoats + clearcoats. Not suitable for primer.
Air Consumption: 8CFM
Cup Size: 600ml
Fluid Delivery: 70-11ml/min
Air Pressure: 20-30PSI
Air Inlet: 1/4" BSP

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