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Wood Grain NZ Manuka Food Safe Beeswax and oil wood conditioner 210g

Wood Grain NZ Manuka Food Safe Beeswax and oil wood conditioner 210g

GST Included

No Fuss Wood Conditioner just wipe on wipe off that's it.....


(NO Petroleum Based Ingredients like Non-Edible Mineral Oil)


This Formula is made up by Wood Grain NZ and has been around for 15years now with hundreds of satisfied customers as the best wood food safe finish in our opinion.


We believe if you are going to use a food safe product on something you’re going to eat from or prepare food on it then it should be good enough to eat itself. So we formulated it with this in mind this is 100% Chemical free and no plant extracted oils you have not heard of or things we don’t use to prepare food. This leaves a great durable finish and brings out the natural grains out in the wood and works well over other finishes.


100% New Zealand natural blend of digestible food oils and beeswax

100% No chemicals, no added colouring

100% Biodegradable, non-flammable, no artificial fragrances and additives.


Our Coromandel sourced Manuka oil & Beeswax is highly effective against microscopic bacteria that can form in wood.


This is a perfect choice for restoring dining tables, restoring wood and it can also be used for wood turners and craftwork projects, including native wood food bowls and all wooden cookware e.g. Spoons, Chopping Boards, wooden toys.

Our recommended application is to apply a thin coat of wax to the timber with a cotton cloth, let sit for anywhere from ten minutes to overnight so the oils can penetrate the surface then remove excess with paper towel then by continuing to rotate a cotton buff/mop or a simple soft cotton cloth, buff to a warm lustre.


For Wood-turning on the lathe:  Apply on the lathe at a suggested speed of 800rpm. With a lint free cloth apply firm pressure until an even shine appears



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