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Rotary Carving Tools

This T-UHSP 1.6 Ultra-High-Speed Precision Straight Handpiece 


The ultra-high speed air turbine handpiece runs up to 300.000 rpm, mostly used for wood and Bone carving, detailing, piercing, jewellery, texturing fine work.

This runs at such an ultra-high speed you can sign your name in timber like a pen.

Works with FG/TC straight 1/16 inch 1.6mm burs. 

Built for non-stop work in any condition - ( just don't forget to lubricate it with our recommended oil ) 1 drop before starting a job and 1 drop an 1/2 hour and keep dust and water out of airline and it will be good to go for all jobs big or small.

If you're looking for a fine and reliable high Precision instrument for work, look no further. 

There is no match for this sturdy and hardworking workhorse from Germany factory that was producing tanks German military.

We recommend you run it with the kit with the Filter/Regulator/Switch for ease of use and additionally recommend that you run through an additional water trap regulator at the compressor end, so it takes the bulk of the water out before it gets to the T-UHSP 1.6 Handpiece water trap & regulator and air switch.

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