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2" Premium Grade Spoke Wooden Wheels & Axles (4 Pack)

2" Premium Grade Spoke Wooden Wheels & Axles (4 Pack)

$13.50 Regular Price
$12.40Sale Price
GST Included

2″ Wood Spoke Wheel, 1/4″ holes



Ideal for Woodturners and wooden toy makers
These are made out of Birch hardwood Timber so are very hard wearing and children friendly.
These are made in the USA.
They are finished the equivalent of 320grit sandpaper and are already for the finish of your choice to be put on.
No cutting required of axles as they are stub axles so you just drill the hole push them in with the desired clearance and you're good to go never look at them again
I've been using these wheels for years and have no interest in using any others as they are already finished to a high standard and have never had them fail on me. 


This is a 4 pack please enquire if you require larger amounts.


Size & length

4 X Wheels
Height 2" 50.8mm
Width 7/16  11.1mm
Hole size 1/4"  6mm


4 X Axles
Thickness 1/4"  6mm 
Length 1-14"  35mm
Hub end 3/8"  9.5mm

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