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MUNRO MINI8 mm (No Handle included)

MUNRO MINI8 mm (No Handle included)

GST Included



An excellent hollower for small to medium vessels, the linkages are designed to allow for both inboard and outboard turning, and to include durable HSS cutters and now avilable in tungsten carbide cutters. This articulating cutter head allows you to form a large range of vessel shapes and sizes, and to reach difficult areas such as the inside shoulders of semi-enclosed forms.


An adjustable hood over the circular cutter allows you to sets depth of cut – open for heavy hogging, to near closed for fine shear cuts. When dull, the circular cutter is simply rotated to reveal a fresh edge. An included dowel helps hold the small cutters securely for sharpening.


The 1/2 diameter, xxxxxxx long steel tool shaft allows substantial reach into deep vessels. The optional hollow aluminum handle with cushioned grip is about xxxxxx long by xxxxxx in diameter. The tool shaft secures with a knob that align with a milled centering flat on top of shaft for handle lock point to stop shaft twisting in handle.


(Handle not included)


The cutter head and arm linkages are stainless steel and sharpening dowel, hex keys, a screwdriver set and instructions.


(ORDER IN ONLY) We don't hold stock

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